Some attributes
First Family: Undead
Second Environment: Anywhere, mostly taverns
Third Behavior: Brave,noble,cheeky
Other attributes
Fourth Orientation: Neutral\good
Fifth Level: 20-53
Sixth Damage: High Defense: Mid Intelligence: Mid Initiative:21 Evasion: 17.5%

Basic Moves Edit


Swordmaster (passive): The Zombievarian was a master in sword combat in the past, due to that she deals 100% increased damage while wielding a greatsword or longswords.

Suppressing Will (passive): The Zombievarian can stop undead monsters from consuming corpses.

Deep Slash: Slashes the enemy with all power to deal high damage and leaving a bleeding wound, which deals 100% of the dealt damage again over 3 turns.


Nail Mail: Melee attackers, who attack the Zombievarian are damaged for 20% of the dealt damage to the Zombievarian.

Special Moves Edit

Leap "Bonecrusher": Jumps in the air and instakills all undeads below the level of the Zombievarian. Creatures of a higher level are instead damaged for 50% of the max. HP of the Zombievarian.

Ghost Sword: Deals 5% of the max. HP of the target as magic damage per hit.

Lore Edit

The Zombievarian is an undead creature and subtype of a mere Zombie. Unlike a normal Zombie they frown at other undead creatures, who consume corpses and living creatures, so that they hunt, kill and consume the undead creatures that live in the world. They are extremely communicative and are often hired by adventurers who want to explore a catacomb or a ghost town due to their ability to instakill any lower undead creatures. Due to that they are extremely popular and feared by the undead race.