"I found something like a meteor, here in the realm of the runes  ... emanates a sparkling light and multicolored, which changes the animal only with its light, I noticed one have efect connected to the runes, it seems annulle that the phase of the decay  genetic ... that causes this light, now all gl inhabitants have become lunatics and crazy, and here can only get worse."

-alice diary

in the realm of the runes before the disappearance fell a meteor, nicknamed "the colors of out space" (see HP. Lovercraft), which changed every creature within the capital of the runes, doing anyway grow what everyone knows as wonderland, this "new kingdom" in the middle of the canyon of the runes (area pre-infernal abyss) has a rich fauna and flora, are majority monsters made even more "grotesque", the best-known members are the mad hatter (former royal adviser) and alice (Queen of the kingdom of the runes).


  • that mean the wonderland not are a natural zone.
  • wonderland are also know as nighitmareland
  • are few me mebers of the rune kindoms still life out side of wonderland