Gelatine Cube:

A relatively common monster, living in dark and humid places like caves or canals whose only purpose is to obey the Queen Slime and catching prey in its big, slimy body. The Gelatine Cubes' size can variate extremely, some are the size of many meters, some are just as big as a shoe, its appearance is simple: A colored cube of slime with a girl inside of it and most of the time still dissolving the bones of their victims. The girl is the Gelatine Cube itself controlling the rest of the cells around her and mainly seduces encountered adventurers and attempts to devour and dissolve them. Reproduction is done by cell-division, once a Gelatine Cube is big enough, it will split into two smaller ones, the same effect encounters, once a Gelatine Cube is weakened by weapons with a blade. Gelatine Cubes possess no real intelligence and are unable to do anything else but moving around and seducing and devouring prey, despite of the inheritence of the girl inside of the cube.  


- Cell Division:

Once the HP of a Gelatine Cube reaches 0, it will split into two smaller pieces who possess 50% of the previous stats. This can just encounter two times.

- Sweet Talk:

Speaks with the enemy, to seduce the enemy with a 60% chance for 1 turn. 

- Consume:

Devours an enemy, and binds it for 4 turns. Deals 7.5% of the max. HP each turn. The victim is released after 4 turns, after breaking the bind or after 4 incoming melee attacks. If the enemy dies from Consume, it is digested and can't be revived.


Family: Lower Slime

Ambient: Caves, Canals, Storages

Behaviour: Airhead

Orientation: Evil

Level: 1

- HP: 26

- MP: 0

- Atk: 17

- Def: 24 

- Magic Def: 

- Int: 1 

- Dex: 9 

- Init: 3 


A famous monster, which upper body is that of a human woman and which lower body is that of a snake. Among Lamias is an extreme variety in both, outer appearance and power, some may be as weak as an average warrior, some may be stronger than an entire army and blow away the average adventurer like dust. Mostly Lamias fight with their own body, in terms of coiling around the enemy and squeezing it to death, or with powerful magic, which the average Lamia is unable to use. Once defeated, Lamias are extremely imiginative in playing and teasing her victims. If their enemy is a male and fought well, they may mate with him, otherwise they will most-likely serve as mere food. If a Lamia falls in love with a human male, they act extremely jealous to every other female, that comes closer to their husband.   


Tail Whip: Slams the tail, with all might into an enemy, which may result in broken bones and slows the enemy down for 2 turns.  

Venemous Cloud: Releases a poisonous cloud, which poisons (poisoned enemys take 5% of their max. Hp as damage each turn) the enemy for 5 turns.

Coil: Coils around an enemy, stunning it for 1 turn and binding it for until death, or until 4 attacks are executed, leads to Tighten

Tighten: After coiling around an enemy, the Lamia will tighten her grip, dealing low initial damage which increases by 35% for each turn the enemy is bound.  


Family: Beast

Ambient: Towns, Plains, Villages, Caves, Mountains

Behaviour: Lustful, Selfconfident

Orientation: Neutral/Evil

Level: 3

- HP: 57 

- MP: 8 

- Atk: 26 

- Def: 21 

- Magic Def: 17 

- Int: 23 

- Dex: 18 

- Init: 8 



A common monster bird type monster, which is a mixture of woman and bird. Although there are slight differences between Harpies, most of them share the same behaviour. Those who live in human cities, feed on the same food as humans do, those who live in the wild mainly feed on stuff, adventurers left behind, berries and nuts. Also there are subtypes, who are carnivores, but they are rare monsters, who are mainly found in deserts. The ordinary Harpy is slightly smaller than an ordinary human, has wings and no good memory, in addition they are often cleptomanic and love adventures, what makes them excellent companions for adventurers. Also Harpies are extremely skilled in ranged combat, mainly with bows, but some subtypes managed to throw their feathers like razor-sharp knifes, what makes especially those subtypes extremely dangerous opponnents. 


Swift Fighter (passive):

All attacks use Dexterity instead of Attack as damage indicator.


Scratches the enemy, dealing low damage and leaving a bleeding wound, which stacks up to 5 times. 

Eye of the Hawk:

Aims for one turn, to deal 250% damage with the next attack when fighting with a bow. 


Attacks 10 times with 12,5 % damage for the next 2 turns when fighting with a bow.


Flies up, evading the next attack, if the Harpy has suffered much damage, there is a chance to flee from the battle.


Family: Beast

Ambient: Plains, Forests, Towers

Behaviour: Airhead, Playful

Orientation: Neutral

Level: 4

- HP: 32

- Mana: 6

- Atk: 18

- Def: 14

- Magic Def: 7

- Int: 5

- Dex: 31

- Init: 16


(My personal one)


"This thing is different from anything that I knew about Cursed Dolls. There was no shy, slightly scared child-like behaviour like I was used to normally...! One time one of them even invited me to stay the night once when it was freakin cold and I had no place to go...! But this...this mowed through my companions like a blade through paper! 

- Unknown Adventurer -

Normal Cursed Dolls are harmless. They inherit souls of people and whose souls couldn't accept the death, so that their souls were bound to the sewn body of a doll. While Cursed Dolls have different emotions, the most are extremely childish and shy creatures, others, who are able to use weapons, make excellent companions, since they act like living people, with the exception, that they are nearly unkillable. However, the Cursed Doll known as Akkhanama is different. Unlike other Cursed Dolls, Akkhanama is too old to remember anything of her past except for her weapon, a sharp scythe, which she called Dreadnight and does not hesitate to use it against anyone, who crosses her. She is neither shy nor scared, it is the opposite, she seeks the confrontation. She loves  to feel the pain of her victims, once they are at the edge of death and the rising bloodthirst with every second she is in combat. 

Hundreds of adventurers were slain by her scythe, and due to her immense bloodthirst and sadism, she is wanted in litterally any place in Arcadia, and known widely as the "Sewn Death". Yet she is out there, hunting adventurers, feeding on her pain and agony. Once Akkhanama faces you, there is no escape, all you can do is fight...until death!


Sewn Body (passive): 

Due to Akkhanama being a Cursed Doll, she gains immunity against any Damage over Time effect, and gains a 25% damage reduction to all melee attacks.

Really Sharp! (passive): 

Dreadnight is really, really sharp, at least Akkhanama said that. Akkhanama deals bonus damage, equal to 5% of the missing HP with each attack. 

Meat Hook: 

Akkhanama binds her scythe with one of her sews and throws it. Deals low impact damage, pulls Akkhanama to the hit enemy, stunning it and gives Akkhanama another turn. 

Dark Razor Storm: 

Akkhanama whirls her scythe wildly, hitting all enemies and reducing Def. by 150. 


Family: Artificial?, Undead

Ambient: Right behind you?

Behaviour: Aggressive, Sadistic, Insane

Orientation: Evil

Level: 58

HP: 24100

Mana: 625

Atk.: 548

Def.: 412

Magic Def.: 173

Int.: 144

Dex.: 706

Init.: 221



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