short info aboutEdit

the author \ creator of the wiki is alberto peralma (aka albert-art), has created the first sketches in October 2014, but the official wiki was born n the end of December 2014. founded by albert-art (the illustrattore and admin) and ChosenDarkness (the pen of wiki)

QR:what are a sense of D&G wiki?Edit

r: a collection of "girls monster", but differently "monster girl encyclopedia" and open to all, to suggest new monsters, or help with the info pages.

q: for what I can contribute? how?Edit

r: yes you caqn put a question on my talks page.

q: have the rule?Edit

r: yes... i have a some rules

  1. no yiff
  2. no artworks fro outside in the info
  3. no oc's
  4. any monster ex-new, need a short info for do a llustrazon
  5. no hate anons

easy righit?

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the mosth close thinks about albert, Cthulhu Fhtagn!

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