Rune Guardian
Some attributes
First Family: gurdian, rune creature
Second Ambient: Ruins, wonderland underground
Third Behaviour: Reserved, calm, focussed
Other attributes
Fourth Orientation: neutral
Fifth Level: 70
Sixth Damage:low Defense:High Intelligence:Highest Evasion:15% Initiative:59

Basic Moves:Edit


Sacred Green Fire: creates a cone of alchemical fire, causing 50% of damage from acid burn

Rune Magic (passive): runes increase to 3 shifts the defense of 50% have magical attacks

Ancient Rite: the rite causes activation of all runes to make an attack that proschiuga energies of 25% per turn, recharging the runes after the attack


Rune Shell: runes provide a shield that reduces to 0 the magic attacks, but is consumed after 5 Rounds, from activation

"like a wall" : The rune guardian no jolts or steps back if hit with violence, just the magic of type earth have opportunity to do it backwards

Special Moves:Edit

Golden Iron Maiden: once a day can fill the body with golden shell becoming invulnerable to any attack for a turn.

Arcane Barrage: can create a small portal for makai

Evoke the Moon: can evoke the moon to load the runes of magical energy, but there is a possiibly can create an eclipse plunging the area into a night lasting from a day to a whole week.

lore: Edit

an ancient creature as the runes, is hiding in the desert ruins. known as "the guardian of the runes", his job and defend the holy places of the kingdom of the runes, although it is not uncommon to find these creatures in areas "strange" as in d glaciers or in tropical forests. his ability to evoke the moon is much loved by druids and werewolves, but causes a creature as the "beasts moon" and the inhabitants of leng, a disorientation


- In the original drawings, the Rune Guardian has the name of Rhina.