Plasma Slime
Some attributes
First Family: Slime
Second Ambient: Forests (Rare)
Third Behaviour: Mindless, Dumb, Playful
Other attributes
Fourth Orientation: Evil
Fifth Level: 12 to 35
Sixth Damage: High Defense: Mid Intelligence: Low Evasion: 22,5% Initiative: 30

Basic Moves: Edit


Plasma Punch: Punches the enemy in the face, dealing moderate damage and stunning the enemy with a 30% chance.

Caustic Touch: Attacks the enemy with slime, dealing true damage (true damage deals a set amount of damage, which can't be reduced) and reduces the armor by 25%.


Plasma Shell: Creates a shield, which blocks incoming damage to a specific amount, lasts for a moderate duration.

Special Moves: Edit

Devour: Devours the enemy and tries to dissolve it, stuns the enemy for a long duration and deals high damage, but the Plasma Slime is unable to move or taking any other action while Devour is active. if the enemy is far away, Devour has a 50% chance to fail.

Tactical Strategy: Plans a strategy to capture the enemy, the next attack has a 100% chance of succsess, gains 75% critical rate and 150% increased damage.

Describtion: Edit

"Plasma Slimes are rare, chromatic slimes, whose body can even melt the hardest steel. Their appearance is simple, a chromatic slime on a ball of their own plasma, but sometimes they wander around without their ball, what signifies their hunger.

Plasma Slimes are famous (or infamous) for their gluttony. They devour everything they come across and are able to think of efficient strategies to hunt their prey. But that is the only intelligent part of them, Plasma Slimes are neither able to think logically nor able to speak something that is understandable, basically they're just good at trapping their prey, what is refered to instinct. 

Plasma Slimes live mostly in small communities of 3 to 4 slimes and often very far away from humanity. This makes attacks on humans extremely rare, but still if a hungry Plasma Slime is hunting, no one is able to get away. They hunt until they dissolved their prey. After being devoured by a Plasma Slime, the death is nearly instant but extremely painful since a Plasma Slime dissolves extremely fast.

Ever since the first sight of Plasma Slimes there was just a small amount of attacks on humans...but all of those attacks ended in the same result...a fed Plasma Slime. " 

Trivia: Edit

- Although Plasma Slimes are rare, they live in small communities and hunting groups to ensure survival.

- The Plasma inside of a Plasma Slime can have a heat of up to 1250 °C

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