Planetar guardian
Some attributes
First Family: magichan
Second Ambient: Any (rare)
Third Behaviour: Calm, brave, loyal
Other attributes
Fourth Orientation: Devoted, good
Fifth Level: 75
Sixth Damage: High Defense: High Intelligence: High Evasion: 20% Initiative: 5

Basic Moves: Edit


Shooting Star: Launches a star, dealing damage and has a 25% chance to confuse the enemy.

Vortex Suck: Sucks an enemy in, can just suck in things that are not bigger than a horse.

Gastric Energy: After using Vortex Suck, the Planetar Guardian must empty her body, spitting a ball of energy like a ball of bile and vomit. Causes magic damage on hit and reduces the armor by 25%.


Stardust: Uses powder, to release a cloud of hilarious dust, confusing all enemies. If Stardust is used near humans, they change their emotions.

Special movesEdit

Empathy with Wonderland: If a fellow traveller wishes to go into the Wonderland, the Planetar Guardian has the ability to teleport them into it. In addition she can talk to the creatures of the Wonderland without problems (does not work with Alice).

Gluttony: After a period of three or four days without eating, the Planetar Guardian can develop aggressive behaviour, plus an irrepressible hunger for steel (swords, armor, coins) developing the following features:

  • Luxurious Behaviour
  • The start gets opaque

lore (beta)Edit

no one knows when he arrived, but this type of monster has been found around a crater, in the realm of runes. many say that it is an alien, but no researchers argue that it is the first form of activity of wonderland, being a creature of dreams, formed from a nightmare come true. although its origin is a creature very kind and willing to help.

their communities are formed in the high villages of the company, sometimes as clowns or entertainers. but are at their best as helpers of apprentices heroes

They are very often used to clean up urban areas by undead thanks to their "black hole" that have as their mouth. although chased this, could get sick.


- The design and abilities were inspired by Kirby