Some attributes
First Family Type: Undead, Succubus
Second Ambient: Any
Third Behaviour: Mindless, Lustful, Carefree
Other attributes
Fourth Orientation: Neutral to Evil (Variates)
Fifth Level: Variates
Sixth Damage: Variates Defense: Variates Intelligence: Mid Evasion: 12% Initiative: 15 to 75

Basic Moves Edit


Bite: Bites the enemy, deals physical damage to the opponnent and can inflict Disease Necrophillac.

Scratch: Attacks the enemy with sharp claws, deals physical damage, can inflict Disease Necrophillac and can cause bleeding damage.

Magics: The usable type, rank and damage of magics depend on the rank of the user.

Summon: Attack!: Summons a temporary Familar, which attacks the enemy. Damage and rank depend on the user.


Barrier: Creates a temporary Barrier, which blocks incoming damage. The strength of Barrier depends on the level and rank of the user.

Summon: Undead Baby Familar: Summons an Undead Baby Familar, which blocks incoming damage with a chance of 25%, incoming damage is overall reduced by 20% while Undead Baby Familar is active.

Advanced Evasion: Increases the Evasion Rate by 15% if you're hit by an enemy for a short amount of time.

Special attackEdit

Disease Necrophillac: Inflicts a disease, which deals Lust Damage ( Lust Damage ignores armor and can lead to loss of control), if the enemy is defeated by Disease Necrophillac, the enemy will be turned into a zombie which is under control of the Necrolife. Disease Necrophillac can also lead to pregnancy of the Necrolife.

Summon: Army: Summons a large amount of Familars, which attack the opponnent. Every Familar has the chance to inflict Disease Necrophillac and is able to use low ranked magic as well as melee attacks.

Describtion Edit

"Necrolifes are undead monsters, which level, rank and type can variate. The exact conditions under which a Necrolife is created are unknown, but there is the theory, which says that when a really strong monster can except its death, then it will be reborn as a Necrolife. 

Necrolifes are troublesome, since they can't feel pain and feed on the lifeforce and semen of male humans and the lifeforce of female humans. To achieve this, the Necrolife pretends that it is still alive and tries to seduce their prey.

But Necrolifes aren't just feared because they devour the lifeforce of their prey, they are also known for their ability to summon familars who support them and their ability to use highest-ranked magics. 

Gladly they became rare, although many people still fear them and they have their own fairytales among the people." 


  • The look of the Necrolife  is similar to the mascot of Gensokyo-man (albert rainbowhair) , but unlike the Necrolife , Albert is necrophage (eats corpses in advanced decomposition) and vegetarian (mostly peppers and salad).
  • Sometimes a Necrolife can be on the same level as a Lich, sometimes a Necrolife can be as harmless as an ant, there is an extremely big variety of Necrolifes.
  • the necrolife idea are take from gemini (the Binding of Isaac) x


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