Some attributes
First Family: Elementals
Second Ambient: Everywhere
Third Behaviour: Variates
Other attributes
Fourth Orientation: (Mostly) Evil/Neutral
Fifth Level:Variates
Sixth Damage: Variates Defense: Variates Intelligence: Medium Initiative: Variates Evasion: Variates


Element Breath: Attacks the enemy with a breath, which damage and status effects depend on the element of the user.

Elemental Blessing: The effect depends on the element of the user.

Mephit Types:Edit


Behavior: Playful

Elemental Blessing: Purify: Heals the Mephit and another ally for 30% of the Mephit's Max. HP.

Element Breath: Caustic: Attacks the enemy with a caustic breath, deals damage and lowers the armor of the enemy by 25% per second it stays in the breath.


Behaviour: Aggressive, Challenging

Elemental Blessing: Scorched Earth: Burns a targeted area, dealing damage to all units standing in it for a moderate duration, regardless of being an ally or an enemy.

Element Breath: Lava: Spits out lava, which deals damage and inflicts burning damage for a short duration.


Behaviour: Carefree, Playful

Elemental Blessing: Air Blade: Cuts the enemy with the force of wind, deals low damage and inflicts bleeding damage for a long duration.

Element Breath: Breeze: Increases the movement and attack speed of the Mephit and all of its allies by 20% for a moderate duration.


Behaviour: Shy, Cold

Elemental Blessing: Frost Nova: Freezes a target area, immobilizing every enemy that Frost Nova hits for a moderate amount of time.

Element Breath: Hailstorm: Attacks the enemy with a barrage of small icicles, slowing down all enemies hit by 25% and dealing a small amount of damage.


Behaviour: Silly, Idiotic

Elemental Blessing: Magma Armor: Increases the armor of the Mephit by 100% for a short duration and reflects 50% of the incoming damage back to the attacker.

Element Breath: Magma Surge: Spits out a wave of magma, dealing moderate damage and inflicts burning damage, additionally the armor is decreased by 15%.


Behaviour: Mindless

Elemental Blessing: Rest (passive): After suffering deadly damage, the Mephit goes into a stasis, regenerating 75% of her Max. HP over 4 seconds.

Element Breath: Mud Bomb: Spits out a ball of mud, which lands in the targeted area dealing low damage and blinding all enemies for a moderate duration.

Dust Edit

Behaviour: Calm, Mindless

Elemental Blessing: Sandstorm: Creates a small tempest of sand, which deals moderate damage, slows down all enemies by 15% and blinds them for a short duration.

Element Breath: Cloud of Dust: Breathes out a could of dust, dealing low damage and blinding the enemy for a moderate duration.

Stone Edit

Behaviour: Serious, Cold

Elemental Blessing: Rock Solid: Negates all damage for a moderate duration and reflects all damage back to the attackers, while Rock Solid is active, the Mephit is unable to move or take and action.

Element Breath: Gravel Cannon: Spits pieces of gravel at the enemy, dealing moderate damage and giving the chance to stun the enemy for a short duration.


Behavior: Mindless, Brave

Elemental Blessing: Blood Pit (passive): After suffering deadly damage, the Mephit collapses into a pit of blood and is untargetable and immune to any attack for a short duration, afterwards she returns to her old form with 50% HP and MP.

Elemental Breath: Infection: Spits infected blood at all enemies, dealing low magic damage and inflicting 3 random negative status effects.


Behavior: ???

Elemental Blessing: Shroud of Darkness: Upon activation, the Mephit blocks three enemy attacks. If Shroud of Darkness blocked three attacks it will grant the Mephit increased damage of 20% of the damage that Shroud of Darkness blocked.

Elemental Breath: Corrupted Cloud: Breathes a cloud of pure darkness to deal moderate true damage and stunning all enemies for a short duration.


Behavior: Clumsy

Elemental Blessing: Nullification Barrier: Summons the power of thunder to create a temporary barrier which absorbs all incoming damage, however it blocks just incoming damage from the front, also Elemental Blessing: Nullification Barrier can be destroyed by overloading it with electricity.

Elemental Breath: Thunder Surge: Breathes electricity to paralyze all hit enemies and dealing moderate magic damage.


Behaviour: Depends on the creator

Elemental Blessing: Elemental Immunity (passive): The Alchemical Mephit is 90% resistent to fire, frost and wind damage, in addition she is resistent with 50% to all other elements.

Elemental Breath: Void Beam: Charges a ray of an unknown energy to deal high true damage to all enemies hit.

Steam Edit

Behaviour: Playful

Elemental Blessing: Lower Temperature: Lowers the temperature of the body of the Mephit to temporary gain 20% damage reflection and 100% increased armor.

Elemental Breath: Extra Hot Steam: Breathes extremely hot steam to sear enemies hit by the breath. Deals moderate magic damage and can inflict burning.

Ash Edit

Behaviour: Cheerful

Elemental Blessing: Ash Funeral: Covers the area in ashes to hide in it. The Mephit gains invisibility and the next attack will be a critical strike.

Elemental Breath: Volcanic Cloud: Breathes volcanic ashes to blind and poison all enemies, if enemies are hit by Elemental Breath: Volcanic Cloud for a too long time they will die instantly.

Plasma Edit

Behaviour: Sadistic

Elemental Blessing: Plasma Armor: Every attack on the Plasma Mephit will dissolve the armor of the enemy. Each attacker gains 40% reduced armor for a short duration after attacking the Plasma Mephit.

Elemental Breath: Dissolving Breath: Spits a dissolving liquid. Deals high magic damage, reduces the armor of enemies to 0 for a short duration and inflicts poison.

Trivia: Edit

- Mephits are the subordinates of the equivalent Elemental Lord for example, Magma and Fire are bound to the Elemental Lord of Fire.

-only the alchemical Mephits are man-made