Some attributes
First Family: Higher Elementals
Second Ambient: Where two elements collide
Third Behaviour: Psychotic to Kind
Other attributes
Fourth Orientation: Evil to Good
Fifth Level: 50+
Sixth Damage:Variates Defense:Variates Intelligence:High Evasion:Variates Initiative:Variates

Elementals Edit


Every Chaotic Elemental can just use two abilities, a chaotic one and a harmony one.

Currently known combinations:

Crystal Hurricane (Ground and Air)Edit


Chaotic: Boulder Whirlwind: Tosses a gigantic boulder through a tornado, dealing moderate amounts of damage and stunning all hit enemies.

Harmony: Absolute Defense: Creates a wall of whirling diamonds around the user and its allies, blocking ALL incoming damage and crowd control abilities for 2 turns. While Absolute Defense is active, Crystal Hurricane can't take any other action.

Cleansing Lighting (Fire and Thunder)Edit


Chaotic: Impact: Summons a lightning strike and launches a fireball at the same time on a specific location, if an enemy is hit, high magic damage is dealt and the enemy is stunned for a short duration. 

Harmony: Cleanse: Removes every debuff from an ally and heals it for 50% of the max. HP of the Chaotic Elemental, in addition the dealt damage of this ally is increased by 30%. 

Frostfire (Ice and Fire)Edit


Chaotic: Frostburn Nova: Freezes all surrounding enemies for a short duration, after they are no longer frozen, the fire inside the ice melts it and deals 35% of the max. HP as damage and 35% of the max. HP as damage over time. 

Harmony: Frostfirewall: Surrounds the Chaotic Elemental in a circle of frozen walls, if enemies break through the wall, the fire is released, stuns them for a moderate duration and reflects 50% of the damage dealt to the wall back to the attackers. 

Burning Sea (Fire and Water)Edit


Chaotic: Terraforming: Shoots a salve of fire and one of water. If both salves hit, the enemy is stunned for a long duration, and suffers high physical damage, if one salve hits, high magic damage is dealt instead. 

Harmony: Sweet Suffering: Sends out a salve of fire and heals all allies for 200% of the dealt damage with the power of water. 

Inferno (Wind and Fire)Edit


Chaotic: Blazing Hurricane: Creates a storm of burning air around the caster, dealing high damage per second and slowing everyone in the storm regardless of ally or enemy. The caster can't move while casting Chaotic: Blazing Hurricane.

Harmony: Shockwave: Knocks all enemies back and stuns them for a short duration.

Rumbling Thunder (Ground and Thunder) Edit


Chaotic: Earthshock: Concentrates the wrath of earth and thunder on an enemy, dealing extremely high damage and slowing the enemy for a moderate duration.

Harmony: Earthquake: Creates an earthquake, dealing low damage and slowing all enemies. After a short duration bolts of lightning leave the ground, stunning all enemies inside of the earthquake for a moderate duration.