• Albert-youkai

    ascensors - D&G blog

    December 14, 2015 by Albert-youkai
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  • ChosenDarkness


    October 28, 2015 by ChosenDarkness

    Gelatine Cube:

    A relatively common monster, living in dark and humid places like caves or canals whose only purpose is to obey the Queen Slime and catching prey in its big, slimy body. The Gelatine Cubes' size can variate extremely, some are the size of many meters, some are just as big as a shoe, its appearance is simple: A colored cube of slime with a girl inside of it and most of the time still dissolving the bones of their victims. The girl is the Gelatine Cube itself controlling the rest of the cells around her and mainly seduces encountered adventurers and attempts to devour and dissolve them. Reproduction is done by cell-division, once a Gelatine Cube is big enough, it will split into two smaller ones, the same effect encounters, on…

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  • Albert art

    nexts up-grades?

    July 13, 2015 by Albert art

    UNDEADAcheri - Diseased undead little girls dressed as Native Americans, spreading diseases wherever they go. Ahkiyyini - From Inuit mythology, large skeletons playing drums to create storms, monsoons and tidal waves. Atropal - Mythic unborn godlings with immense power. Itzpapalotl - Undead horrors with extreme beautiful butterfly wings, they look like humanoid skeletons but with the lower body of a seahorse skeleton and butterfly wings. They present the beauty of death. Nachtkrapp - A swarm of undead crows that can merge to become a very large undead Crow. Nightbloom - Flower version of the Nightshade family, it has toxic much like the real-world Nightshade Flower, anything it kills with this poison becomes a shadow. Nightslitter - The oo…

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  • Albert art

    up-grades- blog post

    April 16, 2015 by Albert art

    ok  have some info

    dragons: are subdivise by age for some info 

    and will not add the "dinosaurs galls", because i find that odd and stupid

    but that not means i will not add creatures at the age of the stone (must plants and some types of creatur celled)

    are all

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  • Albert art

    gals list 2.0

    March 7, 2015 by Albert art
    • aghathion
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  • Albert art

    some ideas

    February 23, 2015 by Albert art

    the dragon's page  need to add some extra dates

    dragon (pup\ yong\loli)

    dragon (adult)

    dragon (older\milf)

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  • Albert art

    ok... in few

    Dingle = slime (make by poo, ok creappy) Larry Jr.,Widow,Pin, Chub*, Hollow, Wretched, Scolex, "Daddy" Long Legs = bugs-abberazion Monstro*, Mega Fatty*, Polycephalus= humanoid-abberazion Fred, Gurdy (family), The Gate, mega maw, Mask of Infamy- abberazion Duke of Flies, Husk, Fistula, Teratoma- abberazion-hive

    • un deat up-greade to meet a second time
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  • Albert art

    future up-grdes

    January 25, 2015 by Albert art

    ok, are some monsters of future up-graders (end 02\2015)

    • sonoroca: a sonor cave horn goat
    • pandora box
    • tentacle Executioner: a infernal exectioner
    • and more angels

    and ask, are case i put the wonderland monsters in the list?

    because ready ck have do that.... :T

    tell me in the comments

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