Some attributes
First Family: Undead
Second Ambient: Dark Places, Graveyards
Third Behaviour: Lustful, calm, lovely, challenging
Other attributes
Fourth Orientation: Sarcastic, lawfull, neutral
Fifth Level: 15 to 25
Sixth Damage: High Defense: Low Intelligence: High Evasion: 10% Initiative: 25 to 45

Basic Moves: Edit


Deep Cut: Delivers an attack, which deals moderate physical damage and inflicts bleeding damage. If the enemy is feared, Deep Cut scores a critical hit and inflicts greater bleeding damage.

Fear: Inflicts the mind of the enemy with visions of its death. The enemy flees in panic for a short amount of time. The enemy counts as feared.


Scythe Block: Blocks the next incoming attack with the scythe, negating all damage that would normally hit.

Push: Pushes the enemy back, interruppting it and cancels magic for a short period of time.

Vanish: Vanishes and appears behind the enemy, dealing 25% increased damage for a short amount of time.

Special Attack:Edit

Soul Reaper: Deals high damage, and tries to reap the soul out of the opponnent, if the enemy has less than 15% HP left, it will be executed.

Punishing Decapitation: Attacks the opponnent with a punishing attack, aiming for the head. Can lead to an one-hit K.O. with a 5% chance. If the enemy is feared, the damage increases by 50% and the chance for an one-hit K.O. increases to 10%.

Nightmare: Surrounds the enemy in dark fog, taking any vision for a moderate amount of time. Every hit that the enemy tries to make has a 70% chance to miss and a 10% chance to attack himself.


"The Ankou is a monster, which can be called the personification of death itself. There are many legends, how the Ankou is created since people who faced her and survived described her as gentle and kind and some decribed her as mercyless and cruel. One of those legends is, that every year, the first dead person will be the new Ankou!  In general, her body is splitted into two parts: The lower part of her body, which is that of a skeleton, and the upper part, which is that of a zombie. This combination, makes her able to violate people, who descerate the dead.  She is mainly known as the guardian of the graveyards and the person, which leads the souls of the dead into the underworld. To get a soul out of its body, there are 2 methods: The gentle and perverted method, where she rapes the dead or the fast and painful method, where she rips the soul out of the body with her scythe.  Although she is the one who leads the souls into the underworld, she is still feared by humans, because of her being the personification of death, and everyone who she visits can be sure to die soon. "

Trivia: Edit

- The Ankou is a mythological creature of the Bretonian mythology.